Refreshingly honest.

Hotel only recruitment.

Why use an agent like us?

Our mission is simple, and at the heart of everything we do. To understand, listen, embrace and treat people with care and respect. Our candidates are really important to us,  so lets get a few things straight and explain what you can expect from Twelvve.


Listen and understand our candidates

Tinker and create a professional CV

Speak with our clients

Search for relevant jobs for you

Keep you updated

Arrange interviews

Give you insider tips about the client and interview

Follow up after the interview for feedback

Negotiate salary

Pursue a job offer

Complete all of the paperwork


Zero, nada, nothing.

Our service, to you is completely FREE.

What Else Can You Expect Along The Way?


Why choose Twelvve when there’s lots of agencies wanting to sign you up and what is a ‘professional service’?.

We work hard for you. We promise to give you all the information you need, guide you through the application process and support you with the tools you require to get that dream job.


We understand that people in hotels talk. It’s a close knit industry and between coffee mornings, friends, colleagues, previous employers to name a few, ‘putting the feelers out’ can be a daunting idea. We can guarantee that any conversations or applications for roles through Twelvve are strictly confidential and will be treated with utmost respect.


Small word, big meaning.  We’ve been in the industry a long time and understand how it works.  What you can expect from us is honesty, integrity and accurate information all the way. Our candidates tell us that they feel informed, supported, guided and respected through the Twelvve recruitment process.