And welcome to Hotel recruitment.

What we do.

Lets face it, most recruitment agencies are the same. Here at twelvve we try and do things a little different to the rest of the industry. We may work with some big brand names, however we develop intimate relationships, build up an understanding of our clients and ultimately deliver the right candidates for your vacancies. 

We think some of the basic principles that should be expected from a recruitment agency are quality, speed, honesty and all at a competitive price. These are the cornerstones of our business.


Something new, transparent pricing.

We believe in a fair price that suits all. And we don't hike up the costs for more senior roles.


We truly believe in sending the right candidates for the right vacancies. Selecting quality candidates is at the heart of everything we do.

We are so confident in our candidates that we are happy to give our clients a tiered 3 month rebate period.


We won't pretend to wow you with anything but honest,  reliable and accurate service.  And lets be frank, all because we charge a lot less than other recruiters doesn't mean we won't have access to the better candidates.

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